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The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



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Colloque nationale de l’ACDEC 2016 – 7 au 10 août 2016 / Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick
CAFCE 2016 National Conference – August 7 to August 10, 2016 / Moncton, New Brunswick 

Thème du colloque : Attirer le meilleur talent!
Conference Theme: Attracting the best talent!

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Known for its strong Acadian Roots and Maritime Hospitality, Moncton, New Brunswick, has established itself as a leader in Atlantic Canada in economic growth.  The Province of New Brunswick is the only bilingual province, and the City of Moncton is the first City in Canada to be recognized officially as a bilingual City.

Complementing the rising economic influence of the area, Greater Moncton boasts a variety of natural  aquatic marvels.  Moncton’s Bay of Fundy is known internationally for its Rising Tides, which have the highest vertical tidal ranges in the world, and was a finalist for the New 7 Wonders of Nature contest. Moncton’s Petitcodiac River (or Chocolate River) has gained a rejuvenated popularity in recent years, as surfers from around the world have surfed its tidal bore for more than 29 km.  And one can’t forget Parlee Beach in Shediac (only a short distance from Moncton), which has recorded the warmest beach waters north of the Carolinas’.   

As a conference delegate, you will have the opportunity to experience our culture, gain perspective on Co-op strategies and network with colleagues from across Canada that will help you attract the best talent.  We hope to have you join us in vibrant Moncton, New Brunswick in August, 2016.

And yes, August is “Lobster Season”!

Claude Lavoie and Erin Gillespie, Conference Co-Chairs