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The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.




Cultural Vistas http://www.culturalvistas.org/), a US based non-profit organization, is authorized to sponsor visas for students seeking internships with US businesses as part of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, a public diplomacy and cultural exchange program administered by the U.S. Department of State. Cultural Vistas helps prepare participants for their program experience and provides the necessary documents needed to obtain the visa. Cultural Vistas also monitors the program and provides emergency backup services. Throughout the program Cultural Vistas serves as a resource for both the company and participant.

CAFCE members can direct their students to Cultural Vistas to receive a discount in the cost for the J-1 visa.

Cultural Vistas representatives provided an overview of the J-1 application process and the services they provide at the CAFCE 2014 conference. Please see the presentation slides here.

This fact sheet also provides details on cost and application procedures.

CAFCE/CICD Partnership Information 

Center for International Career Development provides university students with the opportunity to experience American culture and gain valuable professional skills in their field through J-1 Internships in the USA. CICD is a US Department of State-designated J-1 Program Sponsor promoting excellence in cultural exchange since 1997.

CICD provides personal, end-to-end service from initial application to successful program completion. A single coordinator is assigned to each application, so the student and company have one point of contact throughout their entire internship experience. CICD provides ongoing support for all programmatic matters throughout each intern’s program in the US, including a 24-hour emergency line. CICD provides interns and host companies with helpful resources and information throughout their programs.

CICD Program Fees:

In partnership with CAFCE, CICD offers co-op students from CAFCE member institutions reduced fees for J-1 program sponsorship services. All fees can be paid by the J-1 intern, the host company or a third party.

Length of internship      Regular Cost CAFCE member cost
1-3 months US $750 

US $725 (savings of US $25)

3-6 months US $795 

US $725 (savings of US $70)

6-12 months    US $995 US $800 (savings of US $195)

CICD does NOT require host companies to pay for sponsorship services!

Optional Services and Fees:

Expedited service: US $450

  • Optional 5 business day expedited processing service (contact CICD for details)

Accident and Injury Insurance: US $45/month or US $65/month

  • Option to provide proof of health insurance that meets Dept. of State requirements

Site Visit Fee: US $185

  • Required for new host companies with fewer than 25 full-time employees on-site or less than $3 million in annual revenue


  • Interns will be responsible for paying the SEVIS fee (US $180) directly to the Department of State; CICD does not invoice for or include this service
  • Only Non-Canadian interns will be responsible for paying an embassy interview fee of US $160 (contact CICD for details)

CICD’s refund policy and detailed costs (without the CAFCE member discount on program fees) can be found at CICD’s Program Fees and Refunds page.

Application Process for J-1 Program Sponsorship through CICD:

CAFCE Institution

CICD will work with one contact person at each CAFCE institution to help facilitate the J-1 process. Please provide Sophie Snowden (sophie@cicdgo.com) with the name and contact information for your institutional contact.

To ensure that co-op students from your member institution receive the CAFCE discount, please provide CICD (cicd@cicdgo.com) with a list of students who intend to apply for J-1 program sponsorship before these students apply on CICD’s website. Please also remind them to include their university contact details in their initial registration with CICD (see below for how students indicate that they come from a CAFCE member institution).


Once students have a confirmed co-op placement, they should register online at

www.cicdgo.com - How to Apply for CICD J-1 Visa Sponsorship.

Please make sure they include CAFCE in the referrals section:


…and list the contact information for their co-op contact under “Agency Information.” This allows CICD to confirm their eligibility for the CAFCE discount:



CICD assigns each student a coordinator that will provide the student and host company with application forms, handbooks and program information. After the coordinator receives all requested documents from the student and company, CICD will issue the invoice. As soon as CICD receives payment, the coordinator will interview the intern and host company supervisor, review all documents, and if needed request additional information or training plan modifications. If approved for sponsorship, CICD will issue the DS-2019 form after all parties have returned the signed contracts. CICD is there to assist students and companies throughout the entire process.

Please contact CICD with any questions regarding the application process or any other aspect of the program at cicd@cicdgo.com. Please include “CAFCE member” in the subject of the email along with the name of the co-op university.

We look forward working with you soon!